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How Experienced Is Your Recruiting Team?

For both baseball and business fanatics alike, the 2011 movie Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt, tells one of the greatest underdog stories of our time. Based on the best selling book by Michael Lewis, the movie begins with the Oakland Athletics struggling to compete in the unfair game of Major League Baseball. The team’s GM, Billy […]

9 Reasons To Have a New Year’s Recruiting Resolution

Meet ESPN personality and broadcast media pro, Rebecca Grant. She’s helping Syntagma demonstrate the pain B2B hiring managers feel when working with inexperienced recruiting managers. Why’s it so painful? Hiring managers like Rebecca know an inexperienced team limits their ability to quickly recruit and hire top talent. In 2021 and beyond, that’s a hiring battle […]

Episode 11: UX Community Shouts Out to Chris Miller

As the producer of the Chris Miller Show, I usually stay behind the scenes. However, after producing close to a dozen episodes on the growing importance and variances of UX, I want to give a shout out to Chris Miller. You see, when Chris isn’t podcasting about UX, he’s on the phone finding high quality […]

Episode 10: Nick Strickland on UX at Turbo Speed

Here’s the job situation; you just finished up a project for the Air Force and now starting a six-month gig for NASCAR. Your UX task is to help produce a high velocity, high impact media blitz campaign that energizes the growing fanbase for the upcoming season. As part of the project, you’ll not only be […]

How to Avoid These Top Three UX Recruiting Fails

60-Second “How To” Summary Chris Miller’s “How To” For nearly a year, Topfolio’s UX Podcast has set out to describe and demystify the growing UX design job market. Through interviews with seasoned professionals, we’ve identified some of the confusion with this broad job title. In fact, Topfolio’s UX recruiting team has yet to come across […]

How to Avoid These Three Video Interview Fails

Do your Zoom job interviews get the same degree of forethought as your Facetime with friends? Industry data suggests, in this new normal of remote work and interactions, many job candidates appear a bit too casual during video interviews. Knowing that you get one chance to make a good first impression, I prepared a three […]

Episode 9: Glenn Greenberg on Simplifying Online Education Deployments

As the need for online education capabilities increases during the COVID-19 pandemic, learning institutions slow to deploy solutions are now scrambling.  In episode 9, Chris discusses this online infrastructure gap many learning institutions are racing to fill by summer’s end. Chris speaks with Glenn Greenberg on the implementation options available to these overwhelmed and understaffed […]

Episode 8: Brian Morrison on the Homerun Power of UX

Let’s say you’re an up and coming UX pro and dream of becoming a UX powerhouse at your company. What’s your path to power? Welcome to Episode 08 of The Chris Miller Show, a UX podcast series detailing and demystifying the growing UX profession.  In this episode, Chris speaks with Brian Morrison, the Creative and Marketing Director […]

Episode 7: Vivek Gupta on the Path to UX Bliss

In episode 7 of The Chris Miller Show, Chris speaks with Vivek Gupta, a senior UX lead, manager, and consultant. The conversation starts with Vivek sharing how UX designers, architects, and strategists should approach their work. He then dives into the essence of good UX almost as if he was describing a better way to live […]

Episode 6: Ryan Rosenberg on the Primary Purpose of UX

On each episode of The Chris Miller Show, Chris speaks with a different UX expert on how they define and apply UX at work. Through these one-on-one casual conversations, Chris hopes to uncover the mystery and clear up the confusion around this advancing topic. In episode 6, Chris interviews Ryan Rosenberg of Sanofi, a global […]