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Your Boss Texts, “Send CPH by EOD”. What’s Your Reply?

Cost-per-hire (CPH) is the primary metric for analyzing your recruiting program’s budget allocation and overall effectiveness. Of all your 2018 recruiting data points, your cost-per-hire (CPH) will likely have the most influence on next year’s recruiting budgets and strategies. To calculate CPH, you simply add up your hiring cost structures for a given time period […]

Three Ways to Fail Your Job Interview

As many know, Syntagma Group not only has the in-house experience to find the right talent, we also advise job candidates on how best to develop their career path. For example, interview strategies is always a hot topic. Over the years we’ve seen our share of interview mishaps and wish to share our top three […]

WINTER IS COMING: Are You Prepared for a Recruiting Transformation in 2019?

Pick any high-performing brand in your industry and it’s likely midway through a digital transformation initiative. If your company is also on that improvement path, you’re probably hearing buzzwords like “automate,” “streamline,” or “digitize.” These words essentially describe different ways to support one major goal: improvement — particularly, business process and bottom-line improvement. Data suggest […]

Welcome to Syntagma’s New Website and Resource Center

We made a few changes to our website including a fresh look, new pages and tighter copy. If you check out our homepage you’ll notice that the improvements are a reflection of our three core values: SIMPLICITY: By leveraging our small size and simple approach, we consistently source top talent while keeping pace with dynamic […]

Will Your 2019 Recruiting Process Include Tricks or Treats?

As we approach Halloween, it’s time to discuss a somewhat scary topic – next year’s recruiting budget. With job openings at a 17-year high and unemployment at a 49-year low, the competition for talent is intense. As a result, 2019 recruiting budgets may increase to make room for testing new technologies and techniques. Although some […]