Nick Strickland on his Ideal UX v2

Episode 10: Nick Strickland on UX at Turbo Speed

Here’s the job situation; you just finished up a project for the Air Force and now starting a six-month gig for NASCAR. Your UX task is to help produce a high velocity, high impact media blitz campaign that energizes the growing fanbase for the upcoming season. As part of the project, you’ll not only be recording live racing footage onsite, but will be working in studio with a twenty-five-foot green screen named “The Cycolorama”.

Now doesn’t this sound like you’d be working on UX at turbo speed? Well, as a media UX Design & Strategist Consultant, Nick Strickland did work with AIR FORCE and NASCAR marketing teams. However, surrounded by all the “move fast” and “go big” marketing mentality, Nick realized the true fuel driving each campaign’s UX success remained grounded in simple, foundational concepts. For example, check out this quote from our recent podcast with Nick:

“While there are many paths to good UX, its foundational elements include onboarding quickly, orienting immediately, and exploring effortlessly. Just open your phone’s weather app to experience all three.”

Nick Strickland on the key elements of good UX

Now here’s a UX pro experiencing the full-throttled power of both Air Force and NASCAR marketing saying good UX remains grounded in the basics.

Listen to the full podcast as Nick describes not only these memorable UX gigs but the power of deep collaboration, creativity and curiosity throughout his UX career.

Hosted by: Chris Miller, Creative and Digital Staffing/Recruitment Consultant at Topfolio, a Syntagma Group company.

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