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Episode 2: Brandon Comstock on How Good UX is Not About Deliverables

Listen in as Syntagma’s Chris Miller speaks with top UX experts, hiring managers and consultants. Each guest will share experiences on how they meet growing UX expectations by identifying and hiring top UX talent.

Chris’s second guest is Brandon Comstock, Director Of User Experience at Boston Digital. Listen in as Chris and Brandon discuss the downside of the recent commoditization of the term “UX” and how to rise above it.

According to Brandon, good UX doesn’t focus on deliverables like user requirements or wireframes. It also doesn’t focus on design in the “graphic designer” sense.

Good UX is about researching and fully understanding the underlying currents of brand, business, and technology. Only then can you build a lasting bridge between the brand and its target audience.

Hosted by: Chris Miller, Creative and Digital Staffing/Recruitment Consultant

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