Episode 3: Derek Mei on How UX Design is a Team Sport

Episode 3: Derek Mei on How UX Design is a Team Sport

Listen in as Syntagma’s Chris Miller speaks with top UX experts, hiring managers and consultants. Each guest will share experiences on how they meet growing UX expectations by identifying and hiring top UX talent.

Chris’s third guest is Derek Mei , UI/UX Developer at 3Play Media. Listen in as Chris and Derek discuss how UX design means something different depending on the size of the company, or the technical sophistication of the audience, or the various roles on a development team. 

According to Derek, good UX design lives at the intersection of technological inspiration, business strategy and team collaboration.  

Because of growing user expectations, good UX has become a team sport. The design and development teams can’t design in a silo as all functional departments have valuable input to share when it comes to user feedback and expectations. 

Hosted by: Chris Miller, Creative and Digital Staffing/Recruitment Consultant

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