Episode 4: Aaron Usiskin on the #1 UX Skill

Episode 4: Aaron Usiskin on the #1 UX Skill

The Chris Miller Show is in its fourth episode of speaking with top UX experts about the various complexities of this advancing field.  

Chris’s fourth guest is Aaron Usiskin, a consultant at ETS specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning UX.  Listen in as Chris and Aaron uncover the #1 UX skill.

According to Aaron, UX involves not just digital and desktops but every interaction with a brand. For example, look at how your local Starbucks is setup; the setup design was UX-driven. Even your next trade show event will have components of UX weaved into booth setup. Aaron speaks about his experience exploring, designing and deploying event booths based, in part, on traffic flow analysis from one booth to another. 

After Aaron outlines how everything around you is a UX problem to solve, he speaks on the core of good UX talent. For the truly gifted, good UX is less about drawing pictures and more about discovering patterns in what people are trying to do, how they react, or how they interact. Thus, good UX is grounded in the creative and critical thinking required to see unexpected patterns. As UX continues to increase in complexity, the top UX skill to master gets simplified, “see things others cannot”, as Aaron puts it.

Listen in as Aaron shares how to develop this skill daily and how to find it in your next UX hire.

Hosted by: Chris Miller, Creative and Digital Staffing/Recruitment Consultant

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