More Hiring Hang Ups in Queue for 2022

In our last post we broke down how your workforce will eventually force the CEO’s hand if the company is slow to adapt to change. Why? Today’s workforce now has much more leverage in the employer-employee relationship. So much so that many HR experts sense that in 2022, companies will be reporting more and more hiring hang ups. Much of this is due to ongoing talent shortage and skills gap. However, a new variable is at play now as remote and hybrid workforces are also having a negative impact on business continuity.

Here’s three way to avoid or even just abbreviate any future hiring hang ups.

1: Focus on Recruiting and Retaining a Core Executive Team 

2: Focus on Growing Your Bench of Technical Consultants

3: Focus on Accelerating the Hiring Cycle

As more and more hiring managers scramble to fill even the positions on their core team, data strongly suggests the hiring cycles of old are now a cause for concern. Why? Well, because top talent is getting more appealing job offers earlier in the recruitment process.

One such appeal that a growing number of in-demand executives and technical consultants are opting for is working remotely. It seems clear that the painful commutes and toxic work environments are a thing of the past for many in the workforce.

This hot trend in recruitment and hiring is called “work-life balance” and data indicates many US companies are behind the curve with their competitors. Similar to a “skills gap” for talent, there’s a growing “work-life balance” gap for many corporations.

Given ongoing workforce trends will continue to destabilize your hiring process, one thing remains a firm fact, significant hiring changes are coming in 2022.