Three Ways to Fail Your Job Interview

As many know, Syntagma Group not only has the in-house experience to find the right talent, we also advise job candidates on how best to develop their career path. For example, interview strategies is always a hot topic. Over the years we’ve seen our share of interview mishaps and wish to share our top three ways to fail an initial interview.

1 – Arriving Unprepared – Hiring managers want to see that you’ve taken time to research the company. They are watching for signs that you, in fact, have a vested interest in joining their company. If they sense you’re just winging it, don’t expect an invite back.

2 – Wearing Distracting Attire When interviewing with a financial services company, look the part. That means  (whether you’re a man or a woman) wear a business suit. Avoid wearing anything flashy that may distract from the conversation and your overall message.

3 – Not Asking Questions Ask questions throughout the interview to turn it into more of a conversation. Posing questions can drive an intelligent discussion and help you highlight key points about yourself, your expertise, and your character.

Unleash Power of Questions

A recent Forbes article cites new research suggesting job candidates who ask questions (follow-up questions in particular) are more likely to become better managers and land better jobs. In fact, the study indicated those candidates who asked follow-up questions were perceived as more likable than candidates who didn’t ask questions.  

By avoiding these three job interview fails and including a follow-up question, you’ll likely receive more callbacks and boost your chances of landing that dream job.

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