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Three Ways to Fail Your Job Interview

As Managing Director of Syntagma Group, Rachel Howell advises Financial Services candidates on interview strategies. Over the years she’s seen her share of interview mishaps and has shared her top three ways to fail an initial interview.

1 – Arriving Unprepared – Hiring managers want to see that you’ve taken time to research the company. They are watching for signs that you, in fact, have a vested interest in joining their company. If they sense you’re just winging it, don’t expect an invite back.

2 – Wearing Distracting Attire When interviewing with a financial services company, look the part. That means  (whether you’re a man or a woman) wear a business suit. Avoid wearing anything flashy that may distract from the conversation and your overall message.

3 – Not Asking Questions Ask questions throughout the interview to turn it into more of a conversation. Posing questions can drive an intelligent discussion and help you highlight key points about yourself, your expertise, and your character.

Unleash Power of Questions

A recent Forbes article cites new research suggesting job candidates who ask questions (follow-up questions in particular) are more likely to become better managers and land better jobs. In fact, the study indicated those candidates who asked follow-up questions were perceived as more likable than candidates who didn’t ask questions.  

By avoiding these three job interview fails and including a follow-up question, you’ll likely receive more callbacks and boost your chances of landing that dream job.

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