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Top Three Hiring Trends To Define 2022

Technology fads come and go, but what doesn’t change is the technical complexity of hiring the right talent. Today’s methods for selecting and placing the right person into the right job are too rigid. As a result, the more agile competitor wins the talent.

What may be holding back some hiring managers is a long-held belief about how their company should hire. We believe 2022 is the year such beliefs begin to wane.

Given this boost in hiring agility, below are three hiring trends we predict will shape staffing and consulting services in 2022 and beyond.

  1. #substance – Business owners will re-stabilize their core executive team for a more predictable path to success.
  2. #simplicity – Hiring managers will find more creative ways to source technical consultants to maintain business continuity.
  3. #speed – Department heads will boost their hiring pace to remain both competitive and viable.

2022 will essentially be a reminder that substance, simplicity and speed are the real keys to solving your hiring problems. In these challenging times, remember to stay focused on the end goal and that improvement is a continuous process.


Syntagma Group is a leader in the fast paced world of consulting and staffing advisory and believes the time is right to:

  • Make a resolution to upgrade your hiring mindset in 2022.
  • Make a resolution to upgrade your hiring vision in 2022.
  • Make a resolution to upgrade your hiring partner in 2022.


While executing on these three pillars of success above, remember to always look for better ways to work the system. For example, a better way to hiring is Syntagma’s Playlist App. Check it out. It’s mobile-based, easy-to-use and built with speed in mind.