Welcome to Syntagma’s New Website and Resource Center

We made a few changes to our website including a fresh look, new pages and tighter copy. If you check out our homepage you’ll notice that the improvements are a reflection of our three core values:

  1. SIMPLICITY: By leveraging our small size and simple approach, we consistently source top talent while keeping pace with dynamic industry demands.
  2. SPEED: Gaining and keeping trust has a bottom-line impact on partner results and when your trust in us grows, increases in speed and effectiveness follow.
  3. SUBSTANCE: Our collective experiences enable us to deliver both quality and substance to the partners we serve and the talent we manage.

As a hiring or HR manager prospecting in a relatively thin talent pool, you’re likely striving to continuously improve as well. How can we help?

Along with our new website, we’re investing time and effort into a new resource center complete with blog posts, podcasts, interactive tools and online calculators. The center will feature recruiting and onboarding discussions and topics designed to educate, entertain and enlighten.

To kick things off, this week’s blog post discusses the determining factors in a company’s digital transformation success or failure.  In 2018, while $1.3 trillion will be spent to digitally improve operational efficiencies and increase customer value, data strongly suggests 70% won’t meet their goal. Why? Our next posts discusses the top three reasons.

We hope you find our new content a worthwhile part of your weekly routine. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Next Steps: