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Will Your 2019 Recruiting Process Include Tricks or Treats?

As we approach Halloween, it’s time to discuss a somewhat scary topic – next year’s recruiting budget. With job openings at a 17-year high and unemployment at a 49-year low, the competition for talent is intense. As a result, 2019 recruiting budgets may increase to make room for testing new technologies and techniques. Although some testing may reveal tricks that yield little impact others will uncover treats that improve recruiting results exponentially.  

So do you allocate a portion of your 2019 recruiting budget to explore promising recruiting alternatives or do you maintain the status quo?  Since your competitors are likely re-allocating budget to improve their recruiting, the riskier of the two choices is to take no action as it may come back to haunt you.

Recruitment Process Laggards

Recently, recruiting expert @BrettonPutter penned a Forbes article entitled “How Lazy is Your Recruiting Process?”  where he explains just how unexceptional your recruiting process likely is today. He says, “very few companies have unique hiring practices. If you are doing the same things everyone else is doing, you’re inevitably hiring average candidates.”

Exceptional hiring practices, according to Putter, include installing a talent officer, tasked with ensuring the company’s culture is fueled by a “robust, disciplined and highly effective recruitment process.”

Recruitment Process Assessment

So, all that being said, what’s your 2019 staffing picture look like? Could you trick yourself into thinking your current process is above average? Or will you strive to treat your internal stakeholders to a continuously improving process? If the latter, it’s crucial to fully understand your current processes first. 

Prior to working with any client, Syntagma will ask a series of questions to better understand their recruitment process.  Typically, our questions are based on one of three process success metrics: time, cost or quality. This is exactly where Syntagma provides value. We ask clients the sorts of questions that force them to acknowledge (and prioritize) process snarls and kinks.

60-Second Recruiting Process Assessment ToolWant a peek into our initial assessment process? Try our interactive recruiting process assessment tool. Please remember, this is an initial assessment only. Its goal is to initiate a discussion with your internal team or your recruiting partners about process improvement.

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