Episode 7: Vivek Gupta on the Path to UX Bliss

Episode 7: Vivek Gupta on the Path to UX Bliss

In episode 7 of The Chris Miller Show, Chris speaks with Vivek Gupta, a senior UX lead, manager, and consultant. The conversation starts with Vivek sharing how UX designers, architects, and strategists should approach their work. He then dives into the essence of good UX almost as if he was describing a better way to live life. For example, here’s Vivek’s preferred UX talent skillset regardless of the job role. 

  • genuine curiosity
  • panoramic perspective
  • subtle persuasiveness 

According to Vivek, applying these skills not only results in deeper customer empathy but also better stakeholder management. What’s his inspiration? His UX beliefs and concepts are rooted in a Japanese philosophy on building consensus called nemawashi. Listen in as Vivek describes this philosophy and perhaps a path to UX bliss.

Hosted by: Chris Miller, Creative and Digital Staffing/Recruitment Consultant at Topfolio, a Syntagma Group company.

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