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Episode 9: Glenn Greenberg on Simplifying Online Education Deployments

As the need for online education capabilities increases during the COVID-19 pandemic, learning institutions slow to deploy solutions are now scrambling.  In episode 9, Chris discusses this online infrastructure gap many learning institutions are racing to fill by summer’s end. Chris speaks with Glenn Greenberg on the implementation options available to these overwhelmed and understaffed institutions.

As the digital learning strategist and owner of ggLearningworks LLC, Glenn has vast experience in the eLearning space. Listen to the podcast as Glenn breaks down how those institutions left flat-footed can still successfully navigate the critical path ahead. He breaks down the path to success into three key areas: speed, simplicity and substance. 

  • Speed – To launch a fully functional online education program by summer’s end, the old way of hiring talent and rolling out departmental projects must evolve. Interdepartmental collaboration, project staffing precision and quick action are all imperative. 
  • Simplicity – To design, develop and deploy a fully functional, easy-to-use UX remember that less is more. Consider a hybrid approach of live video classes (synchronous learning) and course assets (asynchronous learning) mapped in a Learning Management System (LMS). Complexity will be a key contributor to failure if you let it. 
  • Substance – Focus on quality when identifying project talent, technology and techniques. There are many high quality LMS tools available at a relatively low cost so choose wisely. As for course material, consider working with what’s already available as opposed to wasting resources creating new content. Finally, a high quality project team is essential.

Here’s the full podcast of Glenn detailing the key elements of an eLearning system along with his suggested discovery and deployment strategies.  

Hosted by: Chris Miller, Creative and Digital Staffing/Recruitment Consultant at Topfolio, a Syntagma Group company.

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